Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Meeee!

Wow, am I really writing?? Cwazy after all this time! Truth be told, I forgot my password and couldn't be arsed to go through the big riggamarole (spelling? lol) of getting it back. Until tonight...

First off, anyone know a good place to get a nice template? I like this one, but it cuts off half muh face! Or maybe some HTML god out there knows how to fix that ;p A girl can dream!

Been playing less of SL and more of EVE lately. I blame San, which is a change since I usually blames evo. And well, evo blames me cause he's also now addicted to EVE. He says he hates me, but I know he doesn't.

Let's see...what else is new and exciting? Nothing? Kkthxbai...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

C'est Moi

Time for a new blog entry? Yesh, I think so. Actually, you can blame Laur for the lameness of this, cause it was his idea! *neener neener*

So, tis been sort of boring lately. Was Kota-Belle's birthday last week. That was fun! Wuv me some Dakota!! <3 I've been addicted to slingo (or Extreme Demons as it's known at my fave casino) and even won a couple of games. I think I have better luck when Davey's not playing with me! But, it's wayyyy more fun when he is, so I don't mind the losing much :p Went dancing at Junkyard Blues and Mata Hari's with Carro and San last night. Basically listened to my own music all night and chatted in IM and YIM--didn't really notice what was going on around me! hehe. But, that might be fairly normal, tbh.

Dakota took that picture. She be da best photographer in SL if you must know zee truths! Am I getter weirder by the day?? Yesh, I think I just might be! Help? Anyone please? For the love of pizza, helppp!!

Ok, that's outta the way and I'm better now. Phewf! *wipes brow* I think I know what my problem is. I need to go shopping. So, ya. That's it for this bloggety blog. Til next time!

Monday, January 1, 2007


Yes, it's true. I've decided to take a short break from SL. I have a few reasons, but mostly, I just wanna see if I can actually do it! hehe It's really gonna suck cause I'll miss everyone to death. But, the thing about missing someone for so long is that it eventually diminishes and fades away into good memories. At least, hopefully they were good...

Bet I won't last a day and a half, tbh. Will anyone miss me? Well, I've received a few nice offlines, and from people I haven't spoken to in ages which is really strange. The people I talk to every single day haven't said a word. Maybe they just think I won't last very long :p

Before I sign off, here's a cool picture Dakota Buck took of us. She's really talented and has great vision. I'd say one of the best photographers in SL and I'm not just saying that cause I wuv her!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm Mr. Brightside

Ok, the title really means nothing accept that I've been listening to the song absoluely constantly for like two weeks! Yes, I'm mentally challenged and couldn't come up with a decent title...that's the real reason...

So, did I mention I have the bestest neighbours? Sapphire and Hans wayyy over on the other side of the sim and Kanan aka Bob aka John Boy aka AKA next door. Kanan is really cool cause he knows I'm lazy and set up a teleporter right in front of my door so I don't have to walk! hehe Oh, and evo lives next door, too. He's the one in the huge ass castle. I think it should be called Cassy Castle, tbh :p

So, it's Friday night and we are going to have a swing event at Buckies. Should be a swinging time! Haha..ok, that was really lame ass.... By the way, my lame assness is in no way affiliated with Buckies. It's all me and in no way reflects the coolness of Kota's club!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Buckie's House of Hooch

Hoochie Babes, Hep Cats, Teen Heart Throbs and Hip Shakin' Mamas take note!! Buckie's House of Hooch will be opening tomorrow evening at 7pm SLT! It promises to be a Rockabilly'ing good time. Plus, I'll be shaking my hottie ass on stage, so ya, come see me :p

Friday, December 8, 2006

Yo Shorty, It's Your Rezday!

Yes, it's true. Today, December 8th, 2006, Cassy Wassy is officially 1 year old! Truly, so much more has happened to me since I first started. I've met a multitude of great people--some who've come and gone but *knocks wood* the important ones have stuck around and it's a great feeling. I've met a lot of idiots, too...haha But, even they have given me some pleasure in a weird way. Sometimes, I just sort of like tormenting nubs and idiots :p Now, there's a side of me that maybe you haven't seen!

So, what does Cas do on her rezday? Why she goes shopping and gambling of course! I'm also not opposed to gifts in the form of clothing or cash, so have at 'er! Hehe, I'm kidding, of course. Just having you all around is present enough for me *hugs and snugs*'s like everyday is Rezday for me!

So, that's a tattoo that evo made me. I wear it all the time. It's the mirror image of the one Martina (Cassy's much more boring alter-ego) is getting in real life, probably just after Christmas. It's half Fleur de Lis and half shamrock cause I'm half French and half Irish--in case you couldn't figure that out on your own :/

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Why Everyone <3's Cas

Yes, it's me--Your Cassy--trying her lil hand at blogging! First off, perhaps I should thank, or rather spank, the sexy Miss 'Kota Buck for showing me her own blog and giving me the inspiration. She's one of my greatest friends and an all around cool chick. My SL is much better for having known her.

So, the title of my blog and first post is Why Everyone <3's Cas. If you happen to know the answer to that, I hope you enlighten me!! I sort of think I'm boring, sometimes sweet, but mostly bitchy, nerdy and occasionally funny! Not everyone <3's teh Cassy, but really, I only care about the opinion of 5 people--evo, Carro, Davey, San and of course, Kota. I'd rather tear off a limb then lose one of them. (well, not a leg, but definately an arm..:p)

Here is one of my favorite pictures! Sammich!(TM) is something that evo and Dakota and I started one night at Club Coitus (RIP) and have enjoyed ever since. They are my bread and I'm their sweet center. Dancing is always much more fun when you have two slices of bread squishing against you! Yummmm!

Since the closure of CC, I have a couple of other ventures I'm excited about. One is Buckie's House of Hooch owned by Kota where I'll serve and do my best in a Manager position and the other is a yet unnamed club being started by my good friend, Kwai. I'm UBER excited about both and get wait to get started.
Well, that pretty much brings me up to date, I think. More to come, hopefully. That is unless my life gets even more boring or if everyone suddenly decides they don't <3 me anymore.